Spiritual Medium Reading

Debs is also a Spiritual Medium who connects with those in the afterlife

and they connect with her in various ways.

The emotional and personality aspect of the people involved comes through as well as visually being able to see them, hear them and communicate.

Sometimes the sense of smell is used, for example one lady came through in Spirit and visually showed Debs a flower and gave her the fragrance of it,  Debs determined that the flower was a Daphne, and that was the woman’s name!

Mannerisms, actions, feelings, names,familiar places, unresolved issues needing clarity and understanding to promote healing.

A client had a personal joke with her father who had passed over that no one else knew, when prompted to ask her father to show Debs what the joke was about, he presented a piece of chewed up chewing gum, which was in fact what the private joke revolved around.

So there are many ways Spirit can connect, validation is so important.

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Spiritual Medium Reading 60 minutes duration by phone or Skype Video



Spiritual Medium Reading 30 minutes duration by phone or Skpe video