Debs readings are unique with her strong empathetic ability and an ability to link into the subconscious to promote healing and self confidence for the client.  She is kind, accurate, and non judgemental.

Debs is extraordinary! She read my situation so vividly which helped tremendously! From that I was able to resolve a deep internal conflict and felt a shift back into the driver seat! This was not my first time speaking with her and I”ve come back because in every previous reading, she has been consistently, amazingly accurate with regard to tuning into the energy of various issues! On top of all of that, she is an absolute joy! Thank you so very much Debs…you rock!!!:):):)


I first contacted Debs Sept 2008 in a state of panic of unemployment having been rejected after interviews. Debs saw me getting a contract on the 3rd week of Oct. I felt a doubtful as I hadn’t applied anywhere new & it takes at least 4 wks start anywhere. On the 3rd week of Oct I received an unexpected phone call from my old boss asking for an immediate start. Another time Debs predicted my lover would appear at my door 3 days later with a bag of food – he turned up with chicken snitzel 🙂


My reading with Deb was so on point, she was so incredibly specific with detail and descriptions. Her Spiritual guidance is second to none. It is so refreshing to find a reader of such clarity. If you are feeling stuck, or lost call her! It feels like you have known her for ever, she is so relaxed and real, so genuine in her abilities. I super recommend this lady!



Amazing! I have had 2 readings with her and one of her predictions have already come true. She’s great easy to talk to and was tuned in to the situation. I will be calling her again.