How to get the best psychic reading: 5 STAR CHECKLIST

Pure Higher Sensory Attributes are those that only the most advanced and true psychics have. These key points are those that myself and my selected High Level specialist psychic readers possess. You deserve a great reading and here is how you can find a reader to suit your needs:

Our 5 Star Psychic Rating checklist

Check this list to see if your reader meets the 5 star psychic crieria


Can your reader instantly describe how you are feeling, and the emotions of those connected in your reading? Can the reader go into why you are feeling as you do, and give real psychic/empathetic advice based on your needs from your unique energy?


Can the reader give valid reference points that the client can relate to as truth and as relevant to their situation? It could be for example, something that has happened in the past, something that someone has said to you, it could be something descriptive such as describing a location, or person….in detail.


Can the reader connect with you using only your first name, and give you some information right away that proves to be accurate? Or do they insist on you telling them what is happening? Telling a reader a bit about your situation as the reading progresses is OK, but if you want proof that they are the real deal, then don’t tell them anything except your first name, and at the most the topic you want read, such as relationship, money, career, etc. A professional advanced level reader can give you answers first without you needing to talk lot.


Is the reader polite, professional, friendly and on point? Do you feel comfortable and feel as though the reader is experienced and clear in their delivery of the reading?


Can the reader describe your situation in an indepth manner, providing accurate and specific visual descriptions, can they describe emotions, feelings, outcomes…


The main clair-senses are:

Clairvoyance (clear seeing): Can you reader accurately describe people? Height, build, age, clothing style, hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, mannerisms, and can they describe places, buildings, surroundings, city or country, mounatainous or beach, that kind of thing.

Clairsentience (clear feeling):
Similar to an empath, can your reader sense the intentions, emotions, personality, moods of an individual, and can they give information that you can say is relevant. They can also sense physical pain, and in some very highly developed cases actually feel as though they are the build of the person themselves!

Clariaudient (hearing): can your reader get messages through Spirit by hearing, and describe what a persons voice sounds like? They may hear music, or the sound of a crowd of people, or a voice talking on the telephone.

Clairalience  (clear smelling): Readers with this instinct can actually smell somethign in relation to a person or object, for example it may be the smell of tobacco smoke, the smell of certain flowers or a perfume, or even body odour!

Clairgustance (clear tasting): Exactly this, tasting in your mouth, can you reader taste things in association with your reading or someone in your reading. It may be bad breath, a favourite food or drink, or even heart burn/acid reflux!

Claircognizance (clear knowing): Very much like intution, the reader just knows things, in a way that they could not possibly have known.


Intuition is psychic guidance, the higher truth and instinct. Can your reader offer you actual real channel intuitive advice? Or are they giving their opinion, or relating by their own life experiences? Or are they heading toward ritulistic new age theories rather than reading into a true Spirutal solution for your issue? Are they sticking to your reading or are they heading off on a tangent offering other things such as blanket generalised things such as astrology, self help theories from books, and are they taking too long?


A remote viewer can see things such as your house, your surroundings, people around you and the activities that you do that kind of thing. It’s kind of similar to astral travel but it is something personal thorugh the Spiritual and energetic connection between you and the reader.


To read people’s energy and see where it is headed, adds a really special dimension to your reading. Energy shows everything! It shows whether a person is thinking of you or is coming back or not, it shows what is going on for them and why. It shows past influences, the subconcious mind, and energetic connections to others. Specialised energy readers are very indepth and very specific and can offer timelines as well.


To see a persons aura and their chakras is a valuable tool when reading as it tells a reader what is needed to help the person, what is stuck in the aura, and the positive and negative connections to others on tis side and the other side. It also leads to insightful healing tools.


This is when the reader “lets go and lets God”, for example, they just tune in, and start talking with a whole ot of information that is not only accurate but the advice comes from a higher plane of awareness. You can easily tell if that is happening, by the sheer amount of information that is clear and specific. If a reader is vague, or gives generalised advice, or they talk about themselves, or even deflect by saying things such as “you will know the answer to that in 2 months”, then they are not a true psychic channel and do not have a true connection to the Divine.


This amazing gift is rare, and few psychics have it. The ability to scan a persons energy, and read the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and Spiritual aspects with such detailed accuracy is amazing! To be able to highlight such things as for example kidney toubles and feel the energy to determine the severity of such is a true gift!


Does the reader come out with phrases that you have said or someone has said to you? Or even something that you have overheard but the reader has no way of possibly ever knowing that? That is telepathy.


This is so important. When a reader starts to give generalised life advice, or refers to overall astrological charts, or deflects with things such as, I am told you will know the answer soon, or there is a question mark there, or even tellng you all about what is in a book to read (you can read the book yourself!) That is not being psychic.


There is no reason for any direct psychic energy reader to take minutes to get a connection. Your energy is enough to read from, so you should within the first minute hve received relevant information, from just your first name, so that you are confident to continue with the reading.


The reader should have a code of ethics, however ethics goes deeper than this. Does your reader judge you? Do they not see what is going on for you at a deeper level, so therefore move to other areas to deflect the readiing away from topic. Do they stay focused or do they go off on tangents that take you away form what you need? Are they kind and patient and easy to talk to? Do you feel comfortable with them?


Can the reader accurately describe, the feelings , emotions, visual description, mannersims, personality of the person who has passed over to the other side? Can they give key reference points about their life, and the people in it? Can they get actual messages from Spirit that are relevant to what is happening in your life now, or even things that happened around the time of their passing? Can the reader see through the eyes of the person who can describe surroundings, locations, favourite places. Can the reader describe any physcial aliments or the cause of the passing. There is a lot of things that can be brought through. The more thorough the better, so you are assured your reader has really connected with your loved ones.


Over all look for speed of connection, and what the reader offers without asking you to tell them about your situation, and the quality of the informaiton that comes through. Avoid generic type of information and generalisations that can be applied to lots of people. Look for specifics, and look for the depth of the insight, and the accuracy of descriptions, mental, emotion, energetic, Spiritual and physical. Look for answers that reflect what you are feeling, and that are relevant to the now.

“Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. This connection is made very quickly and once in place , we are then connected in Spiritually, and the reading flows from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what Spirit shows me, they have tested me many, many times, through a vast variety of circumstances in order for me to become very fine tuned”.

Tested and qualified for hgh accuracy and a strong psychic skill set, Debs is known as a Master Psychic Medium with all of the clairsenses!

Debs has been reading for me for over a year now, and I come back to her over and over again. She is the ONLY person that I will go to from now on. She is amazingly accurate! She doesn’t need anything but a name or names of the people concerned, and she gives you information that is absolutely ASTOUNDING! She is a truly gifted lady. I’m so glad that I found her. Call this wonderful lady. You will never be disappointed. She’s a sweetheart as well and very down to earth. I love her!!

Called about a job and Mrs Debs said I would do some paperwork and then start by Wednesday. Received a call this morning asking me to come in for paperwork and some training Tuesday so that I can start working on Wednesday. Very accurate. Thank you Mrs Debs you’ve been my go to & extremely accurate every time!!

 I feel blessed to have found Debs. She has been uncannily accurate, she answers my questions before I even ask, and she is comforting but also professional.

“As we move closer into a true intuitive age, with the uncertain challenges this presents, the abilities of psychic readers and intuitives are being tested, as people are looking for real quality, real commitment, real empathetic reader’s with true higher sensory attributes to as

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